Frequently Asked

After registering withy you can the link your investment accounts.  Investments accounts include: 401k, Roths, brokerage accounts, 529s, IRAs, SEPs, annuities, etc. Linking is  the primary step for most of us in order to view and track our financial history. If you have a 401k at Merrill Lynch, a brokerage account at TD Ameritrade, and a 529 at Edward Jones, you can link all of them and begin to view and track as if they were all under one roof.  Click here to link.

Bank accounts primarily include checking and savings accounts, but could also be a money market, CD, etc. Financial institutions treat these types of accounts slightly different than an investment account, so they are linked separately. You can link in as many as you like though, and have your data in one place.  Click here to link.

Custom accounts are accounts not linked to a specific financial institution. For example: the value of your house, or the cash you have buried in the back yard. Also, Custom Accounts can be used if a bank or investment account cannot be linked.  Click here to setup a Custom Account.

Once you have your accounts linked and setup, our system will automatically update daily so that you can view and track your financial history over time via the Dashboard. The two  primary views in the Dashboard are:

  1. View on a daily basis the value of everything you have linked. You can compare and contrast one day to the next, one month to the next, etc. It is also a very simple way to share with your loved ones or heirs, the exact location and value of all your assets.
  2. View all monthly income generated by your investments, how much cash you have, etc. This makes it incredibly easy to manage and track dividends or cash available for future purchases. No more logging into multiple financial institutions in order to see how much money was made last month.

    Separately, you can also view detailed reports of all your individual positions via the Positions report.

MyStockData has partnered with Plaid so you can link your online Investment and/or Bank (depository) accounts within MyStockData. If you have a supported investment or bank account, you can link it to MyStockData.

No, MyStockData is not a broker dealer. MyStockData provides a user interface to allow you to link your investment and bank accounts directly from website.

MyStockData will save your portfolio data to improve your product experience, reduce latency, show your balance and holdings data in our products and send you breaking news or important alerts about your positions. To learn more about your privacy related to usage of this service, please see the MyStockData privacy policy.

MyStockData has partnered with a company called Plaid, which collects and transmits investment and bank account holdings and balance information. For more information regarding Plaid, please see

No, MyStockData does not store your Linked Account login credentials or security questions. Plaid passes your credentials to your broker or bank for authentication and securely stores them in order for your account information to be periodically refreshed. Please feel free to learn more about Plaid, and see how they handle data.